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Why you need crystal healing in your life.

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Why do I love crystal healing and how can they help YOU.


I was first introduced to crystals on a year 3 excursion when we were gold panning and it was like something out of the movies, I had this bright shinning flicker catch my eye from a distance and like the inquisitive person I am I walked off to my teachers disappointment and scavenged through some rocks and found a palm size rough clear quartz! It honestly felt like I found a diamond I was so proud of it showing it off to all my friends and the teachers.


The gold panning instructor came up to me and said “you’ve got yourself a special crystal there darling” and I was instantly drawn to crystals.


When I was in high school I even worked at a place called Crystalmania for 3.5 years! I would work 6 days a week, 5 days after school from 2pm onwards and saturdays which also grew my love for Tarot cards and all things hippy haha yep I was and still am the gal that will smoke out a house with Nag Champa 😂







How do Crystals work?


Like everything living in this world we all have energy and crystals have been known to promote good health and well-being. Crystal healing goes back to the Egyptian times when using my most favourite and spiritual crystal Lapis-lazuli (fun fact I always wanted my child to be called Lazuli but Tony didn’t agree but I’m still working on it haha). For thousands of years crystals have been used for many different purposes as they let off vibrations of energy and some people like myself can feel the warmth and healing properties whilst using them.


How to choose the right Crystal for you. 


When working at the crystal store I would be asked this every day and the best advice I was given was to not choose the crystal and let the crystal choose you.

How do you do that, you ask? We can be give so much information on what crystals can do for us but I love letting the crystal choose me so when I’m in a crystal store you can say out loud or in your mind “help me crystals for my sleep” or what ever your needing help with, walk around the crystals and touch as many as you can.

See what you are drawn too and trust that inner intuition but also look out for warmth when holding the crystals! The warmer the better because she’s fired up and ready to heal you and look you maybe looking for a crystal for friends or family! Do the same thing, say “I need a healing crystal for Lisa to help with her fertility” and then do the same exercise of walking around and touching them until one stands out to you BUT if you are gifting I always suggest clearing your energies and any body else’s before handing over so rinse in fresh water or rain! And if you are lucky enough or patient enough recharge under a full moon before gifting.




How to use crystals?

 This is where it really comes down to personal preference on what you feel comfortable doing but I’ll list a couple of things I like doing with my crystals.


1)  Meditation with your crystals. If it is for fertility you can place your crystals on your womb or sacral chakra. Go to town and place them all around you and if you are extra crunchy like me you can set up your Chakra crystals (I'll talk about Chakras in another blog).


2) You can use your healing crystals under your pillow! I love to have a white Howlite under my pillow for deep sleep and positive dreams but any crystal is great.


3) Position your crystals throughout your home for positive energy! We have 5 salt lamps in our house for good harmony and oxegen with different crystals in different areas for different reasons one of our salt lamps is even 70kgs and is absolutely amazing! Citrine in my working space or where the boys do their homework! Always make sure if you have a pointed crystal it’s pointing to where you want the energy to go and like Citrine which promotes abundance and wealth.

I always have a Amethyst in our car for calm driving and harmony on the roads and even when my boys where in their cots I would have an Amethyst and Rose quartz under their fitted sheets for safety and love! yep I'm that type of crunchy Mum haha.


4) Last but definitely not least and one of my faves is making crystal water elixir and look I was doing this way before it became a faze haha actually I was looked like a weirdo back in the day and now it’s become a trend 😂.


So how do you make your own crystal water elixir??? Firstly I would highly suggest cleansing your crystals and then charging them up under a full moon. For elixirs I’ve always just used Rose quartz, Clear quartz or Amethyst! You have to be mindful that some crystals don’t like water so before choosing which one do your research first. So after cleansing and charging get yourself a glass or stainless steal bottle and use FILTERED water! Let it sit for a couple of hours and drink at room temp and bam! You’ve just made yourself a soul healing crystal Elixir ❤️




This is the start of many crystal healing Blogs I’d love to share with you all! If you loved this blog please let me know below in comments what else your like to know but also share the love on Facebook by using the shareable link below.


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