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Let’s talk Pendulums!


This beautiful energetic tool has been used for many many years for many different reasons but the one you may be familiar with is used by energy healers, but don’t let that deter you ❤️ pendulums can be used by anyone who is drawn to them for the higher good and look! I had my first pendulum at the beautiful age of 13.

Picking your pendulum is just like picking your crystals - let the pendulum choose you! This may come through in your meditation (an intention can be set in your meditation if you wish), an inner knowing or simply by viewing one you will feel the vibration of its energy (yes this can still happen through a screen - hello the power of energy!) and with choosing one online I know for my business personally just like my crystal packs I connect in with the energy of the person who has purchased and I intuitively pick exactly which crystal or in this case  which pendulum is yours! you will have that inner knowing that this pendulum is for you - trust your intuition.

There is many types of pendulums you will come across but you will probably notice most having a crystal centre which when choosing your crystal centre can also be used for and intended purpose! Myself personally I have 3! 2 clear quartz pendulums, One for my distance Reiki healing and one for my in person clients and then a 3rd which is Rose Quartz for my own personal use to connect with my higher self. The clear quartz is for pure energy healing work with set intention for connection and direction with my Rose Quartz for loving inner guidance.

If you have every been intrigued by pendulums then my guess is that one is calling out for you to connect with your higher self and just like picking a card from an oracle deck for guidance you can do the same with your pendulum too and have the ability to have it on you at all time’s ✨



Cleansing and programming your pendulum

Just like your crystals your pendulums should also be cleansed! Now if you decide to purchase a pendulum from me your pendulum will already be cleansed by crystal bowl sound, smudging and Reiki energy but if you have purchased a pendulum else where you can use this blog post HERE to cleanse your pendulum but bare in mind I wouldn’t suggest water/rain for your pendulums as they usually have metal attached and will rust if water touches them.


If you are an energy worker I suggest regularly cleansing your pendulums or if your like me after a client I sit my pendulum on top of my selenite.


Programming is so simple and it’s so much fun to watch your pendulum swing side to side or in a circle but first step make sure it’s cleansed so only your energy is attached.


When programming I love to set an intention for how I wish my pendulum to work, as above I mentioned I have 3! And so each has their own intention set, personal direction and higher self, distance healing clients and in person healing sessions! When programming I like to think that more specific the better response so get creative ✨


Hold your pendulum in your dominate hand and leave a good couple of centimetres between the pendulum point and your fingers allowing it to have a good swing, making sure the pendulum isn’t already swinging and ask the pendulum to show you a “YES” answer – Your pendulum will either have a front and back swinging motion or it will be a circular motion. Don’t be worried if your pendulum only moves slightly at first! With more practice it will gradually start to get bigger and bigger. Now ask your pendulum what’s a “NO” answer and you will see it will be the opposite motion as your yes answer and finally ask your pendulum what is a “UNDECIDED” answer? This one will be unique to the individual and you may experience an off the centre swing or if you’re anything like mine it won’t swing at all and drops to the dead centre with no movement.


Practice Practice Practice!


When programming my pendulums I like to start with asking obvious questions so the yes and no responses are clear, I ask “is my name Bronwyn” YES! (Phew! Haha) and then I’ll ask “is my name Robert” NO! (Phew again haha) and ill practice with questions I already consciously know the answers to and look you may even like to write down what swing your yes and no answers are so each time you use your pendulum you don’t have to repeat the above learning of finding your yes and no answers but once you get the swing of things (pun 100% intended haha) you won’t even have to ask what your yes and no is, you will just already know.


Well done 😊 your pendulum is now programmed woo hoo!! Now it’s time to have some fun and start asking your pendulums questions and connecting into your higher self ✨


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