Sunshine Coast holistic healing

Trapped Emotions and Heart walls

You’ve probably heard the term emotional baggage before right? Well, did you know that emotional baggage, or how we like to call it Trapped Emotions can control more than just thoughts, but can also create symptoms in our bodies too.
The Emotion Code® created by Dr Bradley Nelson has taught many Emotion Code® practitioners like myself how to discover, decode and remove trapped emotions from your subconscious mind and I will explain how below.
Our bodies are pure energy and hold around 7 octillion atoms! In other words… ALOT. Our bodies can hold many different energy frequencies from positive to negative and all in between, but what happens when we experience a negative emotion that we can’t quite understand or can’t seem to recover from? the ones from big events in our life from disappointment, frustration, failure, fear or even grief that we feel are too powerful and cant seem to recover from, they can become trapped in the subconscious mind, holding energetic space on our bodies, mind and soul. 
Symptoms from trapped emotions may include:
 Lack of motivation
 Feeling blocked
 Difficulty concentrating
The list could go on and on as not only do we hold hundreds of trapped emotions in our bodies but they don’t just contribute to our own emotional state, but also display physical symptoms on our bodies too.
 A trapped emotion could be formed by a small passing comment or disagreement that made you feel emotionally confused, to a significant trauma in your life that holds a negative emotional block on you from moving forward and living a life of freedom, happiness and gratitude.
Through a trapped emotions session which is homed through my Reiki sessions I spend time on a set intention from yourself and discover, decode and remove between 5-10 trapped emotion per session. Through the decoding process I will be able to find the emotion that is trapped, the age experienced and most the time situations involved with the emotion brought forward.
In some cases we may discover a Heart Wall present in your session, a Heart wall consists of multiple layers of trapped emotions around your heart space creating a deep block. These Heart walls have been created over time in your subconscious mind as like a protective mechanism for yourself which is like putting yourself in autopilot around current situations you feel blocked where you seem to always have the same reaction, sickness or injury. Heart walls take time to remove and may have on average 3-5 layers but like any form of healing it takes time to recover and I will only remove 5-10 trapped emotions per session as working with energy on yourself can sometimes be tiring.
Through my sessions I do not ask any in-depth personal questions surrounding your trapped emotions, heart wall or what happened in those experiences. I am simply tapping into your subconscious mind through muscle testing either in person or via distance to discover the emotion, decode and remove. In your energy healing sessions I usually spend between 10-20 minutes on your trapped emotions. 
I want to create a comfortable and safe place of trust and love with my sessions and honour your privacy with 100% confidentially.