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How affirmations can change your life!

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For me Affirmations have been apart of my life for since I can remember.

I was obsessed with Oprah when I was around 10 and took every word she spoke onboard with the power of attraction and how she was all about quotes and affirming people that they can ALWAYS be and do anything in life, You could say Oprah was defiantly someone I looked up to when I was young.

So if you look up the word Affirmation in the dictionary it would say 1. The action or process of affirming something. 2. Emotional support or encouragment. Now I think we can both agree, we all need some of that in our daily lives right?!

Im a strong believer in the power off attraction and I do everything in my power to bring abundance into my life so each and every morning I read my affirmation app - affirmations which you can get on iPhone but am unsure about android and look, if you can’t find it don’t stress haha ill most likely be creating my own one day ( see what I did there! I affirmed my future ;) haha ) and if you can’t wait that long head over to MoodTraders which is a daily affirmation business which make the cutest deck of short inspiring quotes  and then if thats not enough every morning jump over to google and image search “Inspirational quotes” and be prepared to have a fucking amazing day.

Once you get the hang of reading them daily why not create your own? I have them plastered all over my house, on top of light switches (MoodTraders Cards), bathroom mirrors, plenty in my office and I even created one for my fridge because lets be real… I’m there a lot haha and I wrote a affirmation to myself saying - I AM Healthy, I AM successful, I AM happy, I AM wealthy and I AM loved followed by "Today will be amazing and I will make …( I write a number id like to achieve for the day) sales in my business today" and each and everyday I kid you not I make the amount of sales I’ve put out there to the universe.

Some people just need that extra push in the morning so with this daily routine of mine I am guaranteed to start it on the right foot and I promise its addictive! you will bring so much positive vibes into your life this way. 

below I have posted my fave quotes to kick start my day or just when I need a little boost.

If you have a favourite affirmation please be sure to tag or send it to me via @everyday.fifo.wife or better yet repost this blog and let the people around you be inspired to kick start their day too.

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everydayfifowife quote

everydayfifowife quote


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