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Crystal Healing

Crystals for centuries have been known for their abundant healing properties and beauty, Discover today your crystal calling.


Holistic Healing at your fingertips

Welcome to The Soul Bath

Immerse yourself and allow the energies to flow, let's work together to balance, cleanse and heal.

Using traditional Usui Reki, Bronwyn will guide you through a relaxing soul bath of unblocking, balancing and amplifying chakras, connecting to your higher self and guide the abundant energies to flow. 

Seek the energy through Crystals

What is Reiki

Reiki means - Rei - spiritual wisdom, spiritual guided, universal soul. Ki - life source energy. Reiki uses universal energy to stimulate the bodies own natural healing abilities where a Reiki practitioner uses their hands to be the in between guide for you and the healing energy channel.

Reiki is a traditional Japanese technique founded by Reiki Master Dr Mikao Usui which he later taught Dr Chujiro Hayashi and Mrs Hayayo Takata to which if it wasn’t for Mrs Takata it would not have been made available to the Western world. All three Reiki Masters have now passed but their reiki healing keeps spreading through their lineage.

What's New

Clear Quartz cluster  #3 .527 grams
Clear Quartz cluster  #3 .527 grams
Clear Quartz cluster  #3 .527 grams
Clear Quartz cluster  #3 .527 grams

Clear Quartz cluster #3 .527 grams

Clear Quartz cluster .527grams 

L - 150mm

W -100mm

H - 60mm

Know as the master healer, Clear quartz amplifies energy and intentions set. Your clear quartz will help to clear mental blocks and bring focus. Used by many energy healers as tools for projecting energy to the source, you can also, by using your clear quartz points directing to where you wish to receive its abundant vibrations. Best used through meditation to amplify your set intention.