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Crystal Cleansing, Recharging and Programming.

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Crystal programming ✨ Do you cleanse and program your crystals? I cannot preach enough with how important it is to cleanse, recharge and program your crystals 💜


CLEANSING: There is several ways you can do this by using the intention of clearing any energy that has been passed through the hands it’s been held by. This can be done by, smudging, incense, water (make sure it’s either filter or rain and that the crystal get get wet), sound, soil, sunlight, moonlight and visualisation. Cleansing is to clear the energy from those it has come in contact with, to clear any stagnant energy and start new again.
RECHARGE: Very similar to cleansing but with different intention. Intention will now be to amplify the healing energies by asking Mother Earth to use its grounding properties and ignite your crystal for what has been used up from its healing properties and to rejuvenate.  Doing the same rituals as above with this new intention.
PROGRAMMING: Like above with using the same techniques but once again we are setting a different intention. When programming my crystals I always start with cleansing before any thing else is done. I create a space with either selenite, satin spar and clear quartz to accompany my new crystal. I create a crystal grid with my new crystal in the centre and create a list of intentions for what purpose I want this crystal to serve. All crystals have their own meanings and benefits but I like to vocalise it to the universe for a higher intention. I meditate with the intention whilst in the crystal grid and then place in the palm of my hands to finish on a blessing and thank Mother Earth for creating such a powerful crystal to help and heal.

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