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crystal pack
crystal pack

Love ✨ Heal Crystal pack

Seek the Healing and Love through Crystals.


The Heal ✨ Love crystal set includes 4 rough ethically sourced crystals for your healing journey with each crystal holding powerful properties to support and comfort the mind, body and soul.

Each crystal has been handpicked and cleansed for their intended owner with strong vibrations for balancing emotional support.

Average weight of individual crystals range between 80-110grams.

Satin spar (selenite) measures an average of 5-7cm in length.

PLEASE NOTE - All crystals will look different to the ones pictured for each crystal is different with no natural two crystals looking the same so although they all have similar weights each, when creating your crystal box they will all be a one of a kind set being intuitively picked for intended owner.

The crystal pack includes:


Satin Spar -  Purity

Satin Spar also commonly known as Selenite is your purity crystal to ward off negative vibrations and cleanse yourself and home giving you a clean and clear energy in balance. Satin Spar has to ability to also cleanse your own crystals whilst not degrading its own high vibrational energy, but always remember Satin Spar should not be placed near or around water.


Rose Quartz - Deep Love

Rose Quartz is the lover of all lovers when it comes to crystals and should be as important in your home as toilet paper is hehe. Rose Quartz promotes compassion, fulfilment, peace and harmony. Set your intention for your Rose Quartz and place near your front door or bedside table for love to flow through your home or comforted in the place you rest and rejuvenate.


Amethyst - Stress + Anxiety 

Amethyst is your go to calming tool when under stress and anxiety, assisting in eliminating emotion-based decisions and welcoming balance with your emotional state. Not only is Amethyst beautiful to look at, its an all rounder for balancing your chakras in particular your third eye but its best served during meditation. Amethyst will sooth your soul energetically and emotionally.


Aventurine - Connection

Insecurities, deep wounds and the feeling of not being in control is where Aventurine comes in, Aventurine is your deepening connection tool when it comes to the inner work we all dread but know that if it’s  pushed under the rug it will continue to grow. Aventurine  assists with the heart Chakra healing and is best served during meditation placed on your heart space for deeper understanding through a loving heart.


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