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Energy Healing Program - In person

Now you have the opportunity to pre plan your week or fortnight with our bulk Reiki session packs.
4 x 1.5 weekly Reiki session
4 x 1.5 fortnightly Reiki session
In person sessions Mon- Fri 12pm - 1:30pm
This program allows you to dive deep into inner healing through discovery, reflection and understanding guided over 4 x 1.5hr sessions in person. 
This is an intensive and transformative program of great clarity with each week receiving set out homework to continue in the following 7/14 days before your next session to stay accountable and on path.
Each session we will set intention and move through:
Reiki Healing
Trapped emotions and Heart Walls
Past life discovery
Chakra unblocking and balancing
Crystal healing and guided selection
Oracle cards
Womb space healing
Channeled messages
Weekly homework and accountability
If 12pm doesn't suit please use our contacts page HERE and we can organise another time for you.
For more information on what's involved with each type of Reiki session type click HERE  
4 appointments must be booked at the same time, it is recommended to choose the same day and time each week or each fortnight if available.
When selecting the dates select ADD TIME not continue on the drop down box so all dates are added for your program.