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crystal gift pack
crystal gift pack

Discover ✨ Connect Crystal pack

Seek the discovery and connection through crystals.


The Discover ✨ Connect crystal set includes 6 ethically sourced crystals for your self discovery journey. Each crystal has been handpicked and cleansed for their intended owner with strong vibrations supporting deep discovery and connection.

The Discover ✨ Connect pack has set intentions for seeking your higher self through deep mediation and the many discoveries of going within. You do not need to be a mediation expert to gain the most out of these beautiful crystals and by just simply having them in your presence you will feel the strong connection and vibrations these crystals have to offer. Are you wanting to seek higher intuition? deeper discovery through your third eye? If you answered yes! then this is the crystal pack for you.

Average weight of individual crystals range between 80-110grams.

PLEASE NOTE - All crystals will look different to the ones pictured for each crystal is different with no natural two crystals looking the same so although they all have similar weights each, when creating your crystal box they will all be a one of a kind set being intuitively picked for the intended owner.


The Crystal pack includes:


Sodalite - Intuition 

Strengthen your intuition with the beautiful Sodalite whilst also raising your vibration through your self worth and confidence. Sodalite is great for people that work in front of computers or their job is heavily surrounded by reading allowing you to absorb the correct information at a steady pace whilst assisting in your concentration. If you’re a deep thinker and meditate regularly then Sodalite will be the energy vibration that will sooth your thoughts.


Clear Quartz - Intention

Know as the master healer, Clear quartz amplifies energy and intentions set. Your clear quartz will help to clear mental blocks and bring focus. Used by many energy healers as tools for projecting energy to the source, you can also, by using your clear quartz points directing to where you wish to receive its abundant vibrations. Best used through meditation to amplify your set intention.


Smokey Quartz - Grounding

Through your self discovery and deeper connection process there may be times where you feel like your floating away and lost in the clouds, Smokey Quartz is here to keep you grounded in the process by centring you with the understanding that although you’re a soul, you have been given a human experience that should also be explored. Smokey Quartz enhances your deep connection to mother earth and transforms negative energy, assists in dissolving fears and reminds you that there is deep peace in everything that comes your way.


Black Tourmaline - Protection

Through self discovery and deep understanding there will many times where you will want to protect your energy wether that be through conversations with others or even down to the technology that surrounds us, Black tourmaline has the ability to purify negative energies, protect your aura and  assist in creating healthy boundaries for yourself when it comes to your deeper energetic state. Best kept around electronics especially near your tv or computer and used through meditation and times you know you will need extra protection.


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