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Amethyst Cluster - .794grams #5
Amethyst Cluster - .794grams #5


Amethyst Cluster - .794grams #5

Amethyst Cluster - .794grams


H - 130mm

W -  90mm

Amethyst is your go to calming tool when under stress and anxiety, assisting in eliminating emotion-based decisions and welcoming balance with your emotional state and suggested to place in a common area of the home. Not only is Amethyst beautiful to look at, its an all rounder for balancing your chakras in particular your third eye but its best served during meditation. Amethyst will sooth your soul energetically and emotionally.

Amethyst can assist with your spiritual protection and purification and a great tool to use whilst in meditation placed above your head near your crown and third chakra allowing easy flow of stillness and calming.

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