Sunshine Coast holistic healing

Reiki Healing


In person Reiki session $90


Please allow 1 hour for your session which includes set up of equipment.

Bronwyn begins by connecting to the universal energy for free flowing healing to begin. Throughout your session Bronwyn will use either a hands on or a hovering hand technique used in Reiki for the energy to flow through to you, whilst this does not hurt in any way, some people may experience heat or a tingling sensation whilst your Reiki session is performed. During your session Brownyn will accompany your treatment with essential oils, crystals and end your session with oracle cards. When having a Reiki session there is occasions where Bronwyn will receive messages or guidance from spirit, this will be your choice if you wish to hear them or not.

PLEASE NOTE - This is a mobile service and come to you. I bring all my equipment which includes a massage table so a space at your home will be need to be made available.

SERVICE AREAS - Caloundra - Noosa outside of these areas will include a travel charge.


Distance Reiki on Skype or chat $55


Please allow 45 minutes for your session, 15 minutes over the phone or skype conversation and 30 minute Reiki session.

During this distance session you will experience all the benefits, feelings and sensations as you would in a in-person Reiki session, Bronwyn will draw on Reiki symbols to tap into distance healing.

Bronwyn will ask that for the 30 minutes for you to be in a comfortable position either siting or laying down. You may wish to listen to some relaxing music while in your session.


Its strongly advised to drink a glass of water after each session and to take it slow for the remainder of the day, as the Reiki works its way through your physical body.