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Apophyllite crystal - The Soul Bath
Apophyllite crystal - The Soul Bath
Apophyllite crystal - The Soul Bath


Apophyllite and Stilbite - #6 2.25kgs

Apophyllite with Stilbite - 2.25kgs 

L - 210mm

W - 100mm

H - 180mm


Apophyllite - mostly found in Italy, Germany, Canada, Iceland, Greenland and Brazil, Apophyllite comes in mostly clear, grey or green.

This crystal assists for deep spiritual connection through meditation and speaking to your spirit guides, Apophyllite is great for clearing and shinning a bright white light on your aura whilst also helping you understand your spiritual purpose.

This type of crystal is not only beautiful to look at but it has a rich vibration on helping you see your spiritual path more clearly with a renewed vision. Highly recommend for meditation.

Stilbite - Know for being a great sleeping aid, Stilbite is easy flowing with a strong calming vibration which makes meditation easier with these two crystals combined having Apophyllite attracting the source and Stilbite calming the human senses for a deep meditated state. Having this crystal by your bedside will create deep informative dream state, be sure to keep a dream journal by your bedside.

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