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Will I poo myself?! - What to expect from your first Colonics

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I first heard about colonics years ago when Ashy Bines mentioned that she does monthly colonics but it wasn't all about the parasites for her so she made it seem, She just spoke about how it "Cleans me out and makes me feel good" and I was instantly intrigued! She videoed herself in the room and what happens. It was nothing like my Colonics clinic, She had an odd looking bed and the hose goes between your legs and you have all the pipes down the side so yes! you get to see all the goodies swimming out of you. What took me by surprise was no one was in the room with her whilst having the treatment? she controlled everything herself. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love the girl and think she is friggen amazing but for me personally I found it was more of a dieting tool for her and not something to control good gut health to ward off the parasites those years ago.


Now! what really made me take to leap of faith into colon hydrotherapy was my best friend mentioned it to me over a chocolate brownie haha I was disgusted and intrigued all at the same time and I even made her show me photos of her KaKa (a name for poo in our family). I NEEDED to try this for myself! I wanted to see if I had any parasites.. "do I have worms?' I thought? maybe thats why I'm always so bloated and HUNGRY??? haha is there a better excuse to being hungry then say " sorry! I'm just feeding my parasite pets" haha.


I booked an appointment with Sarah from Bottoms up Colonics and I made my way for my first ever Colon hydrotherapy session and I will admit all I kept thinking was


I hope I don't do a big KaKa on the table.


I walked in and I was surprised to see the different set up to what I saw Ashy Bines use on her video years ago, there is a table bed, disposable tubing, you defiantly don't wanna share that shit ( pun DEFIANTLY intended haha), oils and a machine that looked like a hot water system with nozzles, buttons and gages. We sat down and Sarah explained to me about what was going to happen over the next 45 minutes but also she spoke about my intestines and how they work, how bad diet can effect good gut health and what to expect with parasites in our bodies. 



DID YOU KNOW - Over 90% of people have parasites in their bodies!!!


I was asked to go to the toilet and empty my bowels, tidy up and use their material wraps as a skirt then to lay on the bed. I will admit I was nervous! I mentioned this to Sarah several time in our session but she reassured me its fine and that most people are on their first session as some feel uncomfortable about the whole process.


Now what happens next took me by complete surprise! just so we are aware Im the kind of gal who only likes things coming out of my bum and not going in haha so this is what made me nervous cause I was scared it was going to hurt and the speculum is about as thick as my thumb.. yep! go on, look at your thumb haha. Sarah asked me to lay on my side with my knees bent, she lubricated the speculum and SLOWLY inserted it into my bottom. When the tube is being inserted your bottom muscles just naturally suck it in which I found so unusual, there was zero pain but as you can imagine it was a little bit uncomfortable as most people aren't used to that sensation of something going in. After the tube is inserted you roll back onto your back and Sarah adjusted the hose to lay flat and comfortably.



Now I'm sure your wondering does it slip out? and the answer is no! your bottom is like a natural vacuum and keeps it tight in place and I kid you not there were moments where I felt like it would but Sarah reassured me that in her time of doing Colon hydrotherapy for people is has never come out.


So I'm all nice and comfy now and Sarah starts the fill of water. The rate that the water is sent into your body is surprisingly slow and almost like a trickle, The reason for this is so it doesn't shock the body although I've heard of other clinics having a fast stream which I can't imagine being good for you. Sarah explained that when you get that full sensation to let her know and she will release the water so its sent back out of your body, down the tube and past the screening area!! yep! You get to see all those goodies pass out of you, and so I'm sure some are thinking GROSS!! but you'll be surprised with how much you want to look. Every 2 seconds I was saying


"what was that?" "omg did you see that?" "holy SHIT!!".


Imagine your busting for the toilet and you start getting those tummy moans and groans, you can feel your stomach getting bigger cause its keen to do a KaKa asap. Well thats the sensation I felt on my first colonics. Each fill I would get to a point where I couldn't bare the moans and groans and I would ask to be released. In my first session I wasn't expecting the locness monster of a tape worms to slip right out of me although I was intrigued to see if any parasites would appear, I just felt within me that I did and with those statistics of how many people do have parasites made me keen to dip a bit deeper.


I would say my first session lasted around 45minutes with around 7 fills, they weren't huge fills (like I get now - practice makes perfect) but I was happy to firstly experience my first colonics and see what all the fuss was about. After my last release Sarah made sure my body stopped releasing, turned me on my side and slowly took the tube out I jumped off the table and was told to go to the toilet I cleaned up and came back in to the room.


I felt amazing! I felt empty, clean and tidy. 


When I first went to book in I was explained that for best results with parasites is to get 3 back to back sessions over 3 days, the reason for that and how the parasites come out is that it sends the parasites into shock with the constant flow of water going through your large intestines and just so you are aware the flushing only happens in your large intestines and doesn't fully reach your small intestines so with the constant flushing over 3 days the parasites can't keep up with the flow of water, they dislodge from your intestinal wall and make their way out. Because I was hesitant at first I did 3 colonics but over 3 weeks and to my surprise I saw no parasites, It wasn't until I did the 3 back to backs that thats when I had 20!!! come out over a period of a week! but don't worry ill defiantly be talking more about that when I blog my parasite cleanse I took part of.


So all in all although there were some uncomfortable parts it wasn't enough to make me not return again, and again and again. Its become a regular monthly appointment for me because I know now how important gut health is and how easy it can be to breed parasites in your intestines but just as importantly I feel amazing after my colonics sessions and would recommend it to anyone whether you think your fit and healthy you may have some little suckers living inside of you.



On my next Colonics blog post I will be discussing what a parasite is, How can we get them and how can we remove them and prevent them from not returning.


If you liked the information you've read please leave me a comment below and let me know if you've had a colonics session before and if not had this post made you reconsider??


Thanks for reading.









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  • I would love to try this but am currently pregnant. I might wait until after. Is it safe during pregnancy?
    I had to have my appendix out before I fell pregnant & I am now thinking that if I had a colonic, that may have been avoided.
    I love that you have shared this because it encourages me to better my health.
    Can’t wait for the parasite cleanse blog. :)

    Teagan on
  • Have often thought sbout this. Very interesting read. I have IBS and have a Colonoscopy regularly. Could you please let me know the cost of treatments..Thanking you Kathy Persal

    Kathy Persal on
  • Very well done.

    I look forward to your blog on the parasite cleanse.

    James on
  • I soooo want to find a local colonics Clinic in my area. I am super intrigued now. Great blog – thanks for giving such honest and raw feedback on your experience xx

    Kym on
  • 3 years ago I went to the hospital were they told me The pain I was in was caused to being backed up. after that embarrassing hospital visit I started my research and one of Facebook friends posted about the amazing colonic she had and I was intrigued and went. The first time I lasted 15 min, i look back and I can’t believe the way I was treating my body. As well as getting the colonics my naturopath also gives me so much knowledge about health and changes I should make and others things I should implement in my life and diet and I haven’t looked back I get regular colonics and rave about it to my friends!

    Barbara on

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