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Review: CBD Oil.

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CBD Oil. Where to begin?!

It was around 2 or so months ago my cousin first mentioned CBD oil to me, it was explained that she uses it for Anxiety and instantly I was intrigued.

Now I didn’t just jump the gun and go out and buy it straight away. I did my own personal research and decided that I was happy with the results I’d seen and I was going to give it a go.

What is CBD oil?
First of all It’s a non psychoactive! That means is has no THC which is what is used to get that “high” effect when smoking or consuming cannabis where as CBD has antipsychotic so is the complete opposite of THC. CBD stands for Cannabidiol and has been used mainly for pain and inflammation but also has shown great results for people with anxiety and epilepsy. When making CBD oil usually it’s from farmed Cannabis that doesn’t already have too much THC, usually around 0.2% in it which makes the process of course a lot easier. There are several different methods into how the oil is extracted but the most common is heating the plant to high temperatures and then heated again for another couple of hours in Olive oils. Mine however is in Coconut oil.

For those wondering about taste, yes it does have a “weed” taste but it’s not something that has bothered me as you use several drops under the tongue. So although the rest of the world is up with the times, Australia still considers ingesting CBD oil to be illegal for the majority of Australia but there has been exceptions made for over 500 Australians so far for medical cases and most are for Children.

Why you say? After all my research the only reason I’ve found is because “there hasn’t been enough founding into intense testing to be done”. Now with that being said, when I was pregnant with both my boys I was prescribed Ondensetron which is a small waffer that takes away nausea and vomiting almost Instantly, now when the doctor gave me the script he also gave me information about the drug and said, it’s a take at your own risk drug, unfortunately because of the delicate situation there hasn’t been extensive research and testing done on the effect of the unborn child whilst using this drug”.... hmmm ANYWAY long story short my kids are sweet but it makes me scratch my head about why CBD oil is so restricted when it’s available to special cases and has shown amazing results WORLDWIDE.

Now I could seriously rant on about how it confused and annoys me why Australia is always the last to get their act together but I want to tell you WHY I’m taking CBD oil and how it’s effected me already.

I started taking CBD oil for my anxiety and nothing more, my theory is I’d rather be taking something that grows in the ground then take my anti anxiety medication which is formulated in a lab with ingredients I can’t even pronounce. My goal is to completely wean myself of my medication (guided by my doctor of course) and just use CBD oil. So far in the short 10 days I’ve been using the magic stuff my anxiety has been at an all time low and I’m absolutely loving the effects already. 10 days prior I had a doctors appointment and whilst in there I explained how my moods are great but my attacks are still loud and clear, to her reply “we may need to increase your dosage”... then and there I wanted to scream in frustration. I DON’T want to increase!!!! So I found an alternate route and one that I feel way more comfortable about.

NETFLIX lovers check out the doco - A life of its own. Mind blowing and it’s all Aussies go figure. 

UPDATE - Since writing this post on Instagram almost 3 months ago I have decided to write a new blog post on my progress but for a quick sneak peek! As of next week (start of Nov 2018) I have halved my anti anxiety prescription medication and have never felt BETTER.

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