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Rainy Day Activities.

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Can I openly admit that I suck at entertaining my kids!


All those things I know I should be doing but don't and in fact just constantly yell to my kids "just learn to entertain yourselves!! use your imagination" haha.


Ok so a couple of weeks ago it had been raining non stop for over a week! my kids were going crazy, the animals were going crazy which of course made me go crazy! Ive been really trying to live a very minimalist life so our home isn't overflowing with lot of activities for the kids.. they just usually play in our tiny backyard with the tap or play in our garage which I've converted into a "play area" which is really just those $15 kmart bags filled with junk and lego. So after days of rain and going crazy I put out a post about how everyone entertains their kids on rainy days and I got the most amazing creative responses which you can read through HERE.


But one of my faves that was sent to me via message was the Prep Steady School Ready packs! I was sent one for both Ray and Mack and I was blown away. Like I said before I suck at entertaining my kids.. Im a pretty creative person but I think its got more to do with my patience than anything else so when I received these packs in the mail I was stoked and so were the boys. If you have pre prep kiddies I highly suggest getting one of these packs as a rainy day back up! I was actually really surprised how quick Ray picked up writing letters and Mack also who usually dismisses anything that involved effort hahah.


Now lucky for you after seeing how obsessed my kids got with the packs I have been lucky enough to offer all readers a free product through this amazing Aussie biz so be sure head over to my Discounts section and claim now.


If you have any amazing rainy day activities be sure to leave a comment for not only myself but for anyone else strolling by on struggle street like I was on how to entertain my crazy kiddies on a rainy day.

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