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Putting Myself Out There: Why I started the Everyday.Fifo.Wife.

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What is FIFO, you ask? Well, it means my husband Tony aka the Everyday.Fifo.Husband, works away in different parts of the country 3-5 weeks at a time with 1 week off in between. Tony and I have been slugging away at this FIFO gig for over 6 years now and to be honest, it's really become a part of who we are.


So over 6 years ago when Tony and I started dating and we entered into our first Fifo stint, I actually remember it like it was yesterday and I remember walking him to the bus thinking "We've got this, we'll save a shit load of money, get a house, get married, have babies and be RICH!!" haha a lot of wishful thinking and in fact what was meant to only be a 5 year plan is now turning our future plans into fifo plans and you know what, We are totally fine with that. We know that this fifo stuff isn't forever but also we have made a pretty awesome lifestyle from it too.


So both myself and Tony have grown up on the Sunshine Coast, QLD and actually first met at the prime age of 14! it was down at the local footy fields and I saw this little dark guy getting kicked off the field for giving people shit (I'm guessing haha) and it was fate HAHAH nah not really but that was the first time I laid eyes on him,  flirted for a couple of years, we each moved states, had other relationships and then one day we came to our senses of always having this bonding connection and decided to FINALLY date and long story short we had been seeing each other for 11 months before we conceived Ray which was the day we got engaged in Vanuatu, got married, had a second baby and BAM here we are! I'm sure I could of made that out to be a lot more romantic but I didn't want to bore you.


May 2017 I decided to create my own Instagram account @everyday.fifo.wife, There was no real plan for it but it was just more of a place for me to express myself even if no one was listening. Over the years its grown to such a beautiful place where I get to share my highs and lows of Fifo life and how my journey through weight loss, anxiety, infertility and parenthood have been a mutual understanding to the beautiful people who have followed me.


When deciding to create this website the idea actually came from a poll I did on my Insta stories (if you've been following for a while you'll know how much I love a good poll haha) and the questions were, "Do you love yourself?", "Do you love your job?" and "Are you happy with your health and fitness?" and to my absolute shock over 70% of people in all 3 questions answered NO! I couldn't believe it so in that moment I decided I'm going to create a blog where each week I can post about something that will hopefully help and inspire people to change that no into a positive YES for those three questions and if I can achieve that then my job is done.


 I know that I am in no way a writer, I actually find it funny calling myself a "Blogger" cause I always got C+ in English.. You'll see spelling mistakes if spell check doesn't help a sista out and bad grammar but I'm not here to be perfect! I'm here to find a greater understanding of our mind, body and soul through personal blog posts, interviews with leading experts in the fields of Health and wellbeing but also a place of my self expression. I am a serial multi passionate person and I find it hard to have ONE dream.. I want to help, I want to create and I want to achieve everything my heart desires so with that being said! This is the Everyday.Fifo.Wife blog and I am so happy you're here.



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  • Loved this!! Your passion for helping people is amazing and I’m so excited about this blog! You mad blogger! ;) Xo

    Mandi on
  • I just wanted to say congratulations on your first blog and that I think you are an absolute rockstar. I’ve been following your insta for sometime and watched it grow and love catching up on your posts each day. Being a fellow fifo wife I tip my hat to you as you really are an inspiration. Looking forward to your next letter. Cheers @two.aussie.bubs xxx

    Sarina Bradshaw on
  • Beautiful ❤️ I know you will do so well Bronwyn because you have a genuine passion for helping others, it shines through everything you do x

    Danielle on

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