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Fly Out Day.

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Fly out day... that one sentence I hate hearing.

Its a given with FIFO work, you fly in and fly out. I can't say that FIFO life has gotten easier over the years because lets be real having children, each year brings their own challenges but you could say we have mastered very well on adjusting to this lifestyle we have chosen for now.

Yep! we have chosen the FIFO life. We have chosen to have these teary fly out days, but we have chosen this FIFO lifestyle in hopes to make our future just that little bit easier... still waiting for the easy-er part though haha.

Its so true when they say that once you work the FIFO life and get used to the pay packet its hard to adjust to a normal wage again and I couldn't agree more! Myself and Tony love to live!! we suck at saving and we truly live by the, Live this day as though its your last. We love to make money but we also LOVE to spend it more so you couldn't say the fifo life needs us as much as we need it.

FIFO defiantly has its pro and cons so when you have those shitty fly out days they are always followed by a fly in day! Some people don't quite understand the FIFO lifestyle and thats totally fine because now that I'm so used to the FIFO life I do wonder how we would adjust to Tony being home 24/7, 365 days a year! I mean I love my husband with every bit of my heart and soul but surely he would get over me in his space all the time haha at least with fifo life he is obligated to spend every minute with me haha.

If you are a FIFO family weather your just starting out or your FIFO veterans like us, When you are having those shitty fly out day feels just know that with every fly out day there is always a return. Don't dwell to much on the fact their gone again, concentrate in supporting one another each and everyday no matter how hard it can be. 

Support is KEY.



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