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Do we need to exercise EVERYDAY?

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5 minutes with Mandi from Crossfit Contessa.

Now as I’m sure you are all aware if you’ve jumped over here from Instagram or Facebook its that I’m slightly OBSESSED with Mandi and her Gym CrossFit Contessa. On the daily I’m inspired by her ways and how she is constantly making me a better person so it seemed only natural to have her over here on my new Blog on the regular - So this is 5 minutes with Mandi.


What helps you prepare for the week with a busy business and family?

My Husband and I spend Sunday evenings preparing our breakfast, lunches and dinner for the week ahead. Without this preparation, I would probably just eat peanut butter on rice cakes for every meal.. Not joking. We prep everything! We even separate our vitamins/supps into little containers for each day of the week! This takes approx 2 hours on a Sunday night. We listen to music, talk shit, teach Cali how to cook with us and play with her in between. A lot of people would look at this as a chore. It's honestly one of my favourite parts of the whole week. Family time. Later that night I also go over my diary for the week. Make sure I know every appointment in there for the week ahead.

What do you say when someone says “I don’t have time for the Gym” ?

Make time for your health or you best be making time to get sick.


What’s the best advice you have given to someone?

BACK YO'SELF - If you don't why would anyone else?

Why is fitness so important and do we need to exercise everyday?

Fitness is my "me time". My 1 hour, 5-6 days/week to not think about anything else - but me. It's my meditation, my way to self love. I train so I can be better at life, for longer. I want to run around with Cali when she has babies, and her babies have babies. I want to wipe my own a** until the day I die. Fitness isn't about looking good or being a certain size, sure those things are a bonus! The most important thing for me are the health benefits. Chronic disease is THE biggest problem and people are too worried about what they look like to even step foot in the gym? Who cares?! Just start moving for a better LIFE! (Sorry I get a bit passionate about this topic.)

I move everyday. CrossFit 5-6 days every week and on weekends I hang with my active, little fam. Lots of walks, mountain climbs, running around at the beach, parks.. It's so good to move. It's what our bodies are made to do! If you're just starting though, ease into it. 2 x week, then 3, 4, etc. Maybe 4 will suit you perfectly and that's totally cool too. :)

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  • Love this Bron! I would live off peanut butter on crackers too if I didn’t meal prep! 😂

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