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Anxiety sucks balls.

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Let’s be honest it does, and unfortunately for most people it's with you for life.

Just over a year and a bit I endured possibly one the worst days of my life. It sounds extreme I know but for anyone that constantly has anxiety and panic attacks can relate in how debilitating it can be, so much so as a result of my panic attacks I haven’t driven on a highway in over a year!! Something I wouldn’t of given a second thought has now been a daily struggle. Let’s rewind. 1 year ago I was driving back from a Brisbane hospital that I had just dropped my mother in law at, on the way home buzzing from the 3 coffees I had that day I experienced my first panic attack whilst driving through an underground tunnel.

I couldn’t breath, my tongue went back into my throat and my vision was disappearing. Then followed another 2! And the last one pushed me to exit 30 mins away from home with two babies in the back and a phone call to my brother to help me drive home. I physically couldn’t drive. The next day landed me in a doctors room crying and asking why?! I even said “I feel like I’m going crazy!” And a prescription was written.

So fast forward to today. I decided to confront my fear and take that leap of faith. SO with that being said, I’ve made myself a YouTube channel (be nice haha I’m a newbie/Like and Subscribe 😂😜) and my first ever video is of the events that occurred today.

*UPDATE Since this post was made ALOT has changed and will be updated with over the coming months but if your are impatient like me have a read about my REVIEW:CBD OIL now but also make sure you are signed up to my newsletter for when my next "Anxiety sucks balls" post drops.


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